Wolves (spoilers for everything after Dido and Pa)

Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at kline.com
Wed Jul 31 23:05:55 EDT 2002

> I think the main problem was the switching of main 
> characters. I mean, it
> was sort of fine to have three (sets of) main characters in the first
> three books, but then it seemed like things had settled on 
> Dido...but then
> wait! nope! Is gets to be the main character! I got the 
> feeling that it
> really wasn't that Dido had gone boring, because, well, she 
> wouldn't have,
> but more that Dido had gotten too old to be written about. 
> And I say phoo
> on that. Also, I want to know more about what happened to everyone
> *afterwards*. Like, who did Simon marry? I know I always want to get
> everyone married off, but hey.

I was pretty disappointed with _Limbo Lodge_ and that had Dido as the main
character.  But I did miss her in the later books!

It is strongly insinuated in _Cold Shoulder Road_ that Simon will marry
Dido.  By this stage Simon is king, and that fulfills the prophecy in _Dido
and Pa_ that has Dido with a crown.

And that is another thing that irritated me!  Simon getting to be king!  All
the foiling of plots they did to keep the current dynasty on the throne,
then the heir goes off and stupidly gets himself killed!  Grrrrr!!!

> (Also, it was very definitely one of the later books that had 
> the channel
> tunnel. It was cutting into "honest" smugglers' trade. And wolves
> came. And they were right smack in London, instead of roaming 
> around in
> the woods like they should. Really, _The Wolves of Willoughby 
> Chase_ isn't
> about the actual wolves so much. In fact, I bet the title's a 
> metaphor,
> and I never got that before. Or at the very least I bet it's 
> intended to
> be a double meaning.)

The tunnel and where the wolves came from is mentioned in a note at the
start of _Wolves_.

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