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>There's a review of _Coraline_ by Neil Gaiman at:
>Has anyone read it yet?
Just listened to the online first chapter, read by the author.  For some
reason I thought it was a kids' picture book, but of course it isn't.  I
liked the sample enough to want to read the book, but will have to wait for
the library system.

One book I didn't have to wait for is the collection _Adventures in the
Dream Trade_.  I hadn't followed his blog about getting _American Gods_
published, so that part was a nice surprise.  Other than that (which is the
bulk of the novel) there are a number of introductions he's written for
other people/books, songs he's written for the Flash Girls, and a few short
fictions.  I enjoyed the book (actually I haven't finished it yet because I
Hate All Books right now) and wouldn't mind reading more about his writing

Learned also that he and John M. "Mike" Ford are good pals, which is cool,
and the identity of Ilen the Magian from _How Much For Just the Planet?_ and
then I felt dumb at not having unraveled that particular anagram.  Duh.
Just another plug for that book, and YES, it is a Star Trek novel, but I
promise, if you read it, you will not lose IQ points.

You can put it in a plain brown wrapper if it makes you feel better.

Melissa Proffitt

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