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> Thanks for the recommendations for "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie 
> Smith. Just spent a lovely weekend in Thunder Bay, Ontario on 
> holiday, reading that and Connie Willis' "Bellwether." Lots of fun. 
> Castle echoed to me as half way between Austen and Dean. Does this 
> seem fair to folks?

I think you are (consciously, unconsciously?) echoing the conversation 
between Rose and Cassandra where Rose says "Which would be better, Charlotte 
[Bronte] with a touch of Jane [Austen], or Jane with a touch of Charlotte?" 
[or maybe it's the other way around] and Cassandra, eager to get back to 
writing, contents herself with "Fifty percent each way would be perfect." I 
don't see much Dean-ish in it except the literary references, and lots of 
authors do that. (It is fun tracking them down ... I can remember finding 
Chesterton's dog Quoodle in a novel, I forget which one at the moment, at the 
Carleton library.)

_I Capture the Castle_ is one of the books that I read and re-read constantly 
from about twelve on ... _The Fountain Overflows_ (Rebecca West) is another 
that was almost part of the inside of my head. I was disappointed to find 
that I didn't much like what I found out about either of the authors as 
people. Nor was I happy with the sequels to _The Fountain Overflows_, though 
I liked bits of them. Probably just as well that there was never a sequel to 
_Castle_, though the original version was much longer, and I would love to 
see it someday.

Helen Schinske, returning from nearly a month in Oregon and California (btw, 
Nat, I saw Andrea Webster, formerly Dawson)
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