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Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Jul 18 21:27:16 EDT 2002

Well, there I was correcting the typo in the
subject line when the screen went blank and the
stupidest message in the world came up "your mail
Re Nnewest Bujold has been sent.........." Hate
computers with a passion.

Robyn wrote,
<I know this is a little OT,>

Can I just say that I don't regard discussions of
writers and books as actually off topic? 

< but I also know that 
there are people on this 
list who have read Diplomatic Immunity, and I 
wanted to vent. I thought 
Bujold's previous book, A Civil Campaign, was 
really brilliant, and funny 
and pushed the envelope of the genre a bit in 
unexpected ways.>

Absolutely agree.

< DI was a 
good read, but I felt it was going a bit 
backwards, it was very like some 
of the earlier stories, without new concepts or 
excitements: a revisit of 
the ideas from Ceteganda (one of my faves) 
without the gender politics. >

         Spoiler space


I fear that LMB is rather too fond of the
Quaddies, their culture has that giveaway, model
village feel. I wanted to see a lot more of the
conflict of cultures betwen the Barrayans and the
Quaddies but most of that happened offstage/in
backstory. For it to be all the fault of a
Cetagandan renegade seemed a bit of a cop out.
What's more hadn't we already done the thing
where the MacGuffin is genetic material in ethan
of Athos!

<Also, I get the impression that Miles' character

has stopped developing now 
that he has a wife, or maybe this book is just 
treading water. Thoughts?>

Treading water certainly. I think it's the firstv
one of Bujold's for ages that I didn't turn
straight round and start again. I worry that with

so much of Miles' head being sorted out now and
Ekaterin being something of a paragon things
might get a bit too cozy in the Vorkosigan
family. Then I remember Mark, and Ivan. I think
there's life in the series yet, I hope LMB can
resist parenthood being too idyllic for Miles and
Ekaterin. Um, actually I think it must be nearly
time for another civil war, possibly started by
all those people who get sent to Kyril Island.

<And, addressing that impossible question of my 
favourite fantasy novel from 
a previous thread, I would have to say that 
Bujold's Curse of Chalion is up 
there, great plot, and I love what she did with 
the Gods.>

I'll second that. 


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