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I know this is a little OT, but I also know that 
there are people on this 
list who have read Diplomatic Immunity, and I 
wanted to vent. I thought 
Bujold's previous book, A Civil Campaign, was 
really brilliant, and funny 
and pushed the envelope of the genre a bit in 
unexpected ways. DI was a 
good read, but I felt it was going a bit 
backwards, it was very like some 
of the earlier stories, without new concepts or 
excitements: a revisit of 
the ideas from Ceteganda (one of my faves) 
without the gender politics. 
Also, I get the impression that Miles' character 
has stopped developing now 
that he has a wife, or maybe this book is just 
treading water. Thoughts?

And, addressing that impossible question of my 
favourite fantasy novel from 
a previous thread, I would have to say that 
Bujold's Curse of Chalion is up 
there, great plot, and I love what she did with 
the Gods.



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