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On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) wrote:

|Well, turns out 1984 was a good year for DWJ!  _Fire and Hemlock_ was
|published that year.  As far as I'm aware the only book of DWJ's that has
|won a major award is _Charmed Life_ winner of the Guardian Award.

Responding to ancient email as I catch up:

So the only books which have won awards, not honors, are CL, CofD, and
DLoD.  I think the Silbener Griffel is a 2nd place award.  Silver
feather?  Can anyone confirm?



 - Dogsbody
     1975: Carnegie Medal Commended
 - Power of Three
     1977: Guardian Children's Fiction Award Commended
     Silberner Griffel (Netherlands)
 - Charmed Life
     1977: Carnegie Medal Commended
     1978: Guardian Children's Fiction Award
     Preis der Leseratten (ZDF Schülerexpress, Germany)
 - Archer's Goon
     1984: Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor
 - Howl's Moving Castle
     1986: Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor
 - Fire and Hemlock
     1986: Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, nominated
 - Lives of Christopher Chant
     1988: Carnegie Medal Commended
 - Castle in the Air
     1992: Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, nominated
 - Crown of Dalemark
     1996: Mythopoeic Fantasy Award
 - A Sudden Wild Magic
     1996: British Fantasy Award, nominated
 - Minor Arcana
     1996: British Fantasy Award, nominated
 - Tough Guide to Fantasyland
     1997: Hugo Award for Nonfiction, nominated
 - Dark Lord of Derkholm
     1999: Mythopoeic Fantasy Award
     <A HREF="http://www.mythsoc.org/a99remarks.html"> Diana's
  remarks upon winning the award</A>
 - Diana Wynne Jones in general
     1999: British Fantasy Society, Karl Edward Wagner Award
     (Special Award)

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