OT De Lint

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Jul 17 09:03:01 EDT 2002


>I'm new to the list (and suddenly feel I have no idea of how to behave,
>forgive me if I make mistakes :) - and, what do you know, the first
>mail I received is very relevant to me right now, because I've just quite
>recently discovered Charles de Lint.

Hi Liina, welcome to the list!  As a fairly old - or should I say 
long-time - list member, maybe I should reassure you that the silence 
since yesterday is NOT due to people being shocked by your having 
made mistakes, but just one of those temporary lulls. :)  You're in 
Finland, right?

>At the moment I'm reading The Ivory and the Horn by CdL, which I really
>really like.
>I've also read The Forests of the Heart and Yarrow, former being the
>first one I've read by CdL. The Forests of the Heart was really something
>special to me, so I'd cheerfully recommend it to anyone :)

I must look out for that one.  Now I've apparently lent two CdL books 
to people who've really liked them (Dorian and Philip) yet still 
haven't read either of them myself.  My favourite so far has been 
_Jack of Kilrowan_, though I haven't read any of the short story ones.

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