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Tanaqui tweaver at
Sat Jul 13 17:20:53 EDT 2002

+ lovely section on Archer's Goon, with Neil remembering talking to Diana 
+ about a sequel! I'd never even imagined a sequel to this book - it seems 
+ perfect as one book to me. I'm sure we've talked about sequels to dwj
+ books before, but can't remember is anyone had imagined a sequel to
+ _Archer's Goon_. What does everyone else think about it?

+ The link is and the entry is
+ in Wednesday June 26.

Neil apparently doesn't remember the people who farmed Nothing, which DWJ
has mentioned about this conversation. And I, in turn, cannot recall if Mary
Gentle was present at the discussion, as I think she was at the breakfast
which inspired Nick's in _Deep Secret_.

It seems pretty much a given, though, that if you suggest an outcome for a
sequel to DWJ, then you will not see it in print. Look at how _Crown of
Dalemark_ went... and look, no _Archer's Goon II_. Suggesting a _Moving
Castle_ is just fine, but that book's not a sequel, and the poor sparker's
name got lost.
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