Upgrading suberic.net 13 July

deborah deborah at suberic.net
Fri Jul 12 17:09:44 EDT 2002

This message is informational only; you don't have to do
anything.  I'm sorry for the spam, but this way everyone who
might need to know knows.  Or something like that.

 On Saturday, 13 July, we're going to be bringing suberic down
 all day for a major upgrade.  There will be four main benefits
 to suberic users from this upgrade:
 - more security
 - newer versions of software
 - better backups
 - more space!  More space!  And did I mention, more disk space?

We are scheduling all day Saturday, from noon on.  Though the
machine may come up earlier in the day, we can't guarantee that
it will stay up, so please don't tell us about problems until

This upgrade affects:

  Mail services for (mail to you shouldn't bounce; it should just
  queue up):


  The following webservers:

  Also, the Diana Wynne Jones website and mailing list, the Pooka
  mailing list, the Poesis list, and the Arlington Ultimate list.

  DWJ list people: if everything else goes well, I will also be
  switching the mailing list program.  If I do this (and it's a
  big if) this will have the annoying side effect of making the
  old urls for particular archived messages wrong.  On the other
  hand, it will have the upside of making them searchable.

Everything will be back up sometime Saturday evening.

Thanks for your patience,

Deborah and Allen (The Mgt.)

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