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Fri Jul 12 14:37:34 EDT 2002

Ania said...

> I am a fairly recent convert to De Lint and have only read The Little
> Country so far. It wasn't bad, although the utterly perfect main
> characters
> were a tad annoying (admittedly, they got a little less perfect later
> in
> the book). But I do want to read more; any

Up until a couple of months ago, my favourite was "Memory & Dream".
Then Hallie lent me "Trader". :-)  I highly recommend both of these.
The former is about an artist who gains the gift to have her pictures
come to life, and contains a wonderfully creepy bad guy.  The latter is
about a guy who wakes up one day to find he's swapped bodies with
someone else, and has to cope with this other guy's really crap life.
In neither book are the main characters super-perfect. :-)  (I'm not
wildly fond of "The Little Country", btw.)

"Moonheart" is also good, though less stunning, IMO, than the
afore-mentioned two.  It has one of the coolest houses ever!
"Greenmantle" is not bad, though the Mafia aspect jars somewhat.  I
recall quite liking "Mulengro", but I haven't reread it for a couple of
years, so can't tell you anything other than that the main character is
a Romany.


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