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*snip Rebecca's accurate answer about _Stardust_*

> > Kale wrote:
> >> BTW, I never really saw this clearly--how
> >> does _Eight Days of Luke_ connect to _American
> Gods_
> >> other than the mythology?
> IIRC, Gaiman stated that 8DoL was an inspiring
> factor for AG.  They do 
> bothb take off from the same baseline with Mr.
> Wednesday and who he 
> represents, but, IMO, the two books veer sharply in
> two different 
> directions from there.

I used Google to find the relevant quotes regarding
the matter.  see [below]  If you didn't know about the
connection, would you see it?  DWJ said in an old Q&A:
"For instance, Neil Gaiman tells me - as if I needed
telling - that he derived AMERICAN GODS from my EIGHT
DAYS OF LUKE."  I was reminded of Douglas Adams' _The
Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul_ instead.  Mr.
Wednesday brought Mr. Odwin to mind immediately,
though they had different goals. 



>From NG's journal:

"Lots of questions waiting -- a few people want to
know whether American Gods was inspired by Diana Wynne
Jones’s novel “8 Days of Luke”. Not exactly, although
they bear an odd relationship, like second cousins
once removed or something. About six or seven years
ago, I had an idea for a structure for a story, all
about the gods and the days of the week. I chewed it
and played with it and was terribly happy with it..
And then the penny dropped, and I realised, gloomily,
that I’d managed, working back from first principles,
to come up with a wonderful structure for a story --
but one that Diana had already used, in her brilliant
"8 Days of Luke." So I put it down as one of those
places where our heads went to the same sort of place
(it happened with the nursery rhyme How Many Miles To
Babylon, and in several other times and places) and,
with regret, I abandoned it. Or almost. I kept Mr
Wednesday, and the day of his meeting, in the back of
my head, and when I came to put American Gods
together, he was there, ready and waiting."

DWJ mentions in her latest bulletin (Merlin Conspiracy
& general comments):

"It IS customary, since someone asked this, for one
writer to ask another if he or she minds an idea being
borrowed. For instance, when Neil Gaiman was writing
AMERICAN GODS (which is a terrific book), he knew he
had got the original idea from me, from EIGHT DAYS OF
LUKE, and he told me so. But of course his book turned
out very different. Besides which, we have been
friends for a long time. But I have never met JK
Rowling, so this doesn't seem to apply."


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