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Sat Jul 6 05:02:21 EDT 2002

> > I loved and hated the fact that Eco refused to
> > translate his latin quotes in
> > this book (at least they weren't translated in the
> > edition I read). Of
> > course, the title of the book is meaningless without
> > knowing what the latin
> > phrases mean . ..
> >
> > widdy
>Isn't the relevent text translated near the end? I
>seem to recall Eco commenting on the reaction of
>English speakers to the title, which they tend to
>associate with Shakespeares' "a rose by any other
>name.." which is the complete opposite to the actual

First time I read Eco I was 15 and irate as hell at the lack of translation, 
until I started browsing the final pages and oops... there they were...

Of course, mine was a Swedish edition, but I doubt they'd count on English 
speakers to know Latin. Italians, possibly.


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