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> I loved and hated the fact that Eco refused to
> translate his latin quotes in 
> this book (at least they weren't translated in the
> edition I read). Of 
> course, the title of the book is meaningless without
> knowing what the latin 
> phrases mean . ..
> widdy

Isn't the relevent text translated near the end? I
seem to recall Eco commenting on the reaction of
English speakers to the title, which they tend to
associate with Shakespeares' "a rose by any other
name.." which is the complete opposite to the actual
On another thread I just came across this website

which has some 250 book lists including award winners
and recommended books in many categories. One of the
lists is 100 significant fantasy novels. No DWJ but
the list is very interesting. Nothing before 1946 or
after 1987 (when the list was compiled). This list is

According to one of the other lists on the site the
best selling children's book of all time (in the US)
is "the pokey little puppy" which was (and I think
still is) a little golden book. When I first met my
wife her dog was called Pokey.

Jon Noble

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