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> buying all the Sandman books is really quite expensive (wry smile).  And
> I suspect it would be quite difficult to find them in a library.

I tried ordering them from the library. They didn't have all of them in
stock, and those they did have arrived in no particular order over a week or
two. Actually, I think one of them hasn't turned up yet after a couple of
months. I read them in as best an order as possible. It was probably the
cheapest (i.e. free) way to read them, but otherwise doesn't have a lot to
recommend it. I liked some of it, but some was a bit "icky" as someone put
it. Good Omens is great, funnier than Terry Pratchett's Discworld for the
most part, which I suspect is because as well as being co-written by Neil
Gaiman it's set in the real world so the humour is much more direct.

Caleb W.

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