What's your favorite FANTASY novel?

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 2 17:45:08 EDT 2002

Co-incidently, I had just been thinking myself If I
had to nominate just one DWJ book for such a list what
would it be. (I'd been thinking along the lines of a
"most significant fantasy novels" list, without
reference to age of readership or availability). I
also had the experience yesterday, during the recess
break, of having every person who asked for help
locating books/ authors asking for fantasy. Requested
authors were Rawlings (3 times), George RR Martin
(poor girl, I had to tell that the series won't finish
for another two years), Sara Douglass, Tolkien, plus
for students looking for new authors I had one choose
Sally Odgers (Hi) and one choose Guy Kay. This list
seems incomplete, there must have been at least a
couple of others.
Anyway on to DWJ. I am assuming here we should just
nominate one book by an author, otherwise it would
have to be all DWJ, except for those that miss out on
being YA novels. I think for a YA DWJ I'd go for
"Archer's goon", but then again perhaps it should be
"Fire and Hemlock" or "Howl" or a "Dalemark". This IS
hard - no Stick to "Archer's goon". I wouldn't put
"Dark lord" down as her best YA title.
The other titles on the list are, er....interesting.
How come Robert Jordan makes it and Tolkien doesn't.
If we are looking at appeal for YAs Eddings is
probably a better choice, than Jordan too, I also have
trouble putting incomplete series on the such a list.
There are a couple there I'm not familiar with, but
most of the others seem reasonable choices. I would
add Tolkien and Patricia Mackillop, I've known a
couple of people who have really loved "Forgotten
beasts of Eld" and thought it the best thing they've
ever read.
The only fantasy I read as a teen was LOTR, and
Michael Moorcocks Elric etc books, and then right at
the end of my teen years Earthsea. Most other titles I
didn't read till later. Remember we're talking '60s
here and there wasn't much available, even to an avid
reader of SF.

Jon Noble
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> Well, coincidentally, here's another message from
> YALSA that seems
> perfect for this list.  Shall we campaign to add a
> few more dwj to the
> list?  
> Jackie S.
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> Hello everyone,
> Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults would like your
> help in brainstorming
> titles to nominate for our lists.
> We would love to know what your Top 5 favorite
> fantasy novels are, and
> also what your favorites were when you were a teen.
> Below I've included our list of titles that have
> been nominated so far,
> to
> get you thinking.  Excluded are titles previously
> featured on one of our
> lists, and books not available in paperback.
> Please reply to me, and I will post everyone's
> suggestions in mid-July.
> Dawn Rutherford
> Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
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> Young Adult Librarian
> King County Library System
> drutherf at kcls.org
> Fantasy
> On a Pale Horse  Anthony, Piers  0-345-33858-8
> Lost Years of Merlin  Barron, T.A.  0-441-00668-X
> War for the Oaks  Bull, Emma  0-765-30034-6
> Firegold  Calhoun, Dia  1-58837-003-8
> Stardust  Gaiman, Neil  0-06-093471-9
> The Owl Service  Garner, Alan  0-15-201798-4
> Squire, His Knight, & His Lady  Gerald, Morris 
> 0-440-22885-9
> Dark Lord of Derkholm  Jones, Diana Wynne 
> 0-06-447336-8
> Eye of the World  Jordan, Robert  0-812-51181-6
> The Oathbound: Vol. 1 Lackey, Mercedes 
> 0-88677-414-4
> A Wizard of Earthsea  LeGuin, Ursula K. 
> 0-553-26250-5
> Dragonsong  McCaffery, Anne  0-553-54176-5
> Blue Sword  McKinley, Robin  0-14-130975-X
> The Silver Crown  O'Brien, Robert C.  0-689-84111-6
> The Hounds of Morrigan  O'Shea, Pat  0-06-447205-1
> The Darkangel: Volume 1 Pierce, Meredith Ann 
> 0-15-201768-2
> Alanna: The First Adventure Pierce, Tamora 
> 0-614-28945-9
> The Perilous Gard  Pope, Elizabeth Marie 
> 0-06-447205-1
> Carpe Jugulum  Pratchett, Terry  0-061-02039-7
> Golden Compass  Pullman, Phillip  0-440-41832-1
> Queen of Attolia  Turner, Megan Whalen 
> 0-380-73304-8
> Talking to Dragons  Wrede, Patricia  0-590-48475-3
> Wild Hunt  Yolen, Jane  0-590-52836-X
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