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<< Well, just reporting back that I have read "Magic's Pawn" and I now know 
what you meant by "heavy on the teen angst"!  There were points at which I 
was really sympathetic to Vanyel (*sniff*), and others where I just wished 
he'd grow up.  I was a bit surprised to find that the hero was gay --  >>

Lackey takes unearned credit for having broken ground with a gay hero. In 
fact, to the best of my knowlege that distinction goes to Diane Duane's first 
novel; The Door Into Fire. Lackey can take credit for consistently showing 
gay as well as straight relationships throughout her work. If she wants to, I 
suspect she can also take credit for the entry on the Gay Mage in the Tough 
Guide as well...

The blue eyes and white hair are a plot point which gradually is explained as 
the series progresses. In Lackey's world, those who have enough power to 
handle the stronger magical energies of the Valdemaran world are gradually 
bleached out by them. An adept level mage ALWAYS ends up blue-eyed and white 
haired eventually. Regardless of what their coloring was originally. This 
also explains the coloring of the Companions who also are able to channel the 
energies to some degree.
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