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Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jul 1 09:11:49 EDT 2002

Re Rhianna and the Wild Magic:
My 7 year old niece borrowed my copy last year and loved it so much she
begged her mother to buy *me* another copy so she didn't have to give it
back. I bought her the second in the series last month and she was very,
very happy and enjoyed it. (and wrote me a lovely poem too.)

At just 7 she found reading it hard going, but worth her effort.

> > > > Rhianna and the Wild Magic, by Dave Luckett
> > >
> > > Haven't heard of this one...
> >
> > It's a charming little fantasy, the first of three, I think. The
> > world and society is well-realised, and there's a school
> > setting... I really like the style, and the characters. It's not
> > challenging, but then it's not meant to be - it would suit
> > confident readers as young as 8, I'd say, though probably meant
> > for 12 y-o or so, while still having enough guts in it to please
> > at least this (so-called) adult reader.
> I've read _Rhianna and the Wild Magic_ now. I think it may be at least
> my second favourite Luckett book (although this is perhaps not saying
> much, as I've only read five), and I'm looking forward to the sequel
> that the library computer says is forthcoming.

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