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Mon Jul 1 09:08:09 EDT 2002

> Kale wrote:
>> ObDWJ: I keep connecting [Gaiman] with DWJ because they
>> refer to each other in various ways.  I started
>> reading DWJ again when reading a fan comment on the
>> similarities between _Howl's Moving Castle_ and
>> _Stardust_.
> Baffled- what did the fan say the similarities were?
They both focus on the same _Song_: "Go and catch a falling star..." I 
agree...there's not _that_ much similarity in feeling, although the part in 
HMC dealing with falling stars and trying to catch them does feel similar 
to me.  (I can't clarify that much without going into spoilers.)
 Kale again:
>> BTW, I never really saw this clearly--how
>> does _Eight Days of Luke_ connect to _American Gods_
>> other than the mythology?
IIRC, Gaiman stated that 8DoL was an inspiring factor for AG.  They do 
bothb take off from the same baseline with Mr. Wednesday and who he 
represents, but, IMO, the two books veer sharply in two different 
directions from there.

Rebecca D. Ganetzky
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