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Mon Jul 1 05:41:55 EDT 2002

Kale wrote:
> ObDWJ: I keep connecting [Gaiman] with DWJ because they
> refer to each other in various ways.  I started
> reading DWJ again when reading a fan comment on the
> similarities between _Howl's Moving Castle_ and
> _Stardust_.  

Baffled- what did the fan say the similarities were? I mean, they've both
got magic and a castle in them but that seems about as far as it goes, to
me. The setting, the plot, the story, the characters, the feel all seem
nothing alike.

>BTW, I never really saw this clearly--how
> does _Eight Days of Luke_ connect to _American Gods_
> other than the mythology? 

It doesn't, does it? I think Gaiman commented somewhere that when he was
writing it he realised that DWJ had written a book with characters from the
same myths, but I don't think they're supposed to link up in any way.

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