On Being a Hot Babe

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 21:22:00 EST 2002

Hallie wrote

> Yeah, but that's what I meant was unusual.  I mean,
the narrative 
> says that people might have thought Polly chose to
be Nina's friend 
> to make herself look even better - because Nina was
a "big, fat girl with
> short,frizzy hair," while Polly was "an extremely
pretty little girl".  So
> I thought it interesting that DWJ set these two
descriptions up as
> strongly contrasting, and then had Polly envying
Nina's being fat and "the
> fat, pink staring look" Nina had without her
> Maybe there are tons of you out there who WERE
extremely pretty 
> little girls, and did desperately envy less
attractive ones, and it 
> just seemed unusual to me?  I make no apologies for
leaving the guys out
> here - blame DWJ, not me. :)

I'm not sure it was so much unusual as represented in
a rather extreme way. Since most women/girls are
insecure about their own looks it follows that they
think their friends are prettier. And it's the old
wishing for curly hair if yours is straight, or to be
shorter if you are tall. As a teenager I was far more
insecure about my looks than seems necessary when I
look at photos now, and I knew about the pretty
girl/ugly girl stereotype. I really wished I looked
like a couple of my more striking friends, and, in
their company I did used to think they were  the
attractive ones, it's just that now I suspect they
would have been thinking the same about me...........
This has just reminded me -- I went to an all girls
school and when we went out it was never in a group of
less than five. I have a feeling that, like Lois
MacMaster's Bujold's Koudelka sisters, fellows might
have got confused by the herd..........

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