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Sally wrote
> > ODWJM - do DWJ character names reflect their

inter alia Philip replied
> In Witch Week, the headmistress is called Miss
Cadwallader, and the swot,
> Simon Silverson
There were some counter intuitive namings as well,
Nan's real name of Dulcinea for example and that
Theresa, the most real of the real girls, is called
Mullet (which is even funnier these days than when it
was written).  

> I think the names of the Holand aristocracy - Harl,
Harchad, Hadd -
> reflect their characters quite well, too.
> Not quite the same thing, I rather like the way the
Bannus picked names
> for peoples' personae in its Arthurian setting -
especially the Reigners:
> Reigner 2 became Ambitas (Ambi = Both)
> Reigner 3 became Morgan la Trey (Trey = Three)
> Reigner 4 became Fors
> I can't help thinking that some characters' real
names were chosen to make
> good Arthurian names - Borasus for Bors, Bedford for

I suspect  the naming policy varies from book to book

> PPS On the subject of Dursley, I'm having difficulty
not pronouncing Ven's
> new e-mail address Ven Dursley...

Aaaaaaaargh, there's another example of humour
catching up with a name. I was first called
Vendersleigh in secondary school and had largely
dropped it in favour of Ven until I needed something
no one else had taken for net names. It's definitely
not pronounced Ven-Dursley but Venderzlee. I know the
spelling is about the most difficult it could be
without going Irish or Welsh, seemed a good idea at


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