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Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Jan 31 21:17:31 EST 2002

I wrote

> >Jennifer remarked on people in the Bannus field
> >getting what they deserved. I sort of see what you
> >mean Jennifer, but could expand a bit please.

and Jennifer replied 
> Well, it was in response to a comparison (by
Lizzie?) of the Bannus with
> the situation in Homeward Bounders, [spoilers for
HB- but only a small
> one, you find out about this in the first chapter]
>  in that the Bannus and Them both put people into
games. My feeling was
>  that
> the Them are totally impersonal, they just throw
people away,

They don't so much not care about individuals but
barely recognise their individuality -- I think Their
games must be the type that just deal in units and
collections of units.

> whereas the
> Bannus is totally personal- first it chooses the
people it is going to
> test (or, in the book, punish), then it makes them
make their own choices
> which then determine what happen to them <gasp for
breath>. So inside its
> influence people do get what's coming to them- the
true hand of Reigners
> is recognised, the people who could be reigners but
don't shape up get to
> leave, and the ones who abused the system get
punished in appropriate
> ways.

I was wondering if you had worked it out on the
individual level -- what did who deserve and what did
they get -- I may have to think about that one next
time I read the book.

 then Hallie wrote
> And what a job you did summarising and replying to
everything!  Nice to
> have you properly back, Ven.


> >Catherine compared Vieirran's low opinion of her
> >with Sophie's. It's true of Deep Secret's Marie as
> >well. It seems to me that this sort of attitude is
> >endemic in western society, especially among women.
> Yes, I agree, but there is the apparent
"confirmation" of Vierran's 
> looks in Reigner Three's little meditation on her. 
Granted she's a 
> flaming bitch, but still, she does talk about the
family good looks 
> and Vierran's not having got them.  I actually find
it rather 
> refreshing to have a heroine who seems to be at
least not 
> particularly attractive.  Similarly with Maree,
though I can't 
> exactly remember Rupert's description of her looks
as such - just his
> thoughts about her horrible clothes, talons,
attitude and all.

Quite a few of Dwjs heroines seem to be of this type,
generally they all sound to me as though they have
interesting looks -- Helen from Homeward Bounders is a
prime example.

> Which led me to think of F&H (all roads ...). 


 It's interesting that Polly
> *is* very pretty, is aware of it, and even goes on
about how she wanted to
> look like Nina.  
> [snip]
I'm going to go one about this later

> >
> >Melissa asked whether people were supposed to
> >who they were and why they were there when in the
> >Bannus field. She thought the Bannus may have
> >the rules. Two things here: Firstly, if the field
> >supposed to make candidates forget, then
> >may have been part of the challenge. Secondly that
> >forgetting may have been due to the process by
> >they came inot the field -- without prior
> >presumably the original candidates would have known
> >what they were up for  == or would they ?!.
> Hmmm.  I would tend to think that they would have
known, but that's 
> only going on the snibbets we see of the Reigners
thinking about what they
> have to do to defeat the Bannus.

Oh dear, upthread Jennifer, and downthread Venkarel,
had just about convinced me that they wouldn't
remember, and now my tired old mind has got to do
another flip because you're argument is convincing

> Sort of on the same point - Vierran's "remembering"
in the hotel, and
> finding the taped message on her bracelet-thing was
yet another thing
> which confused me on this go-round.  If she managed
to figure it out the
> time she taped the message, what was it about that
particular (previous)
> scenario which allowed her to sort it out, while on
the one we see, she
> could only figure it out by the accident of finding
the message?  The two
> scenarios don't quite seem to gel - either she's
saved by the gadgetry her
> father has given her, or she's strong enough to
remember  as part of her
> dealing with the Bannus

Nope, tired old minfd can't cope with thinking about
this at all.

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