Caleb W SCWoody423 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 16:14:46 EST 2002

I hope you don't find this odd, but when I sleep I have all sorts of strange
dreams, some of which lately have been similar to Diana Wynne Jones books.

I got "The Crown of Dalemark" (which I keep mistyping as "The Crown of
Dalek..") for Christmas - fantastic book, I really enjoyed it. But anyway, I
dreamed that I was catching the train from Reading to Maidenhead and I met
this mysterious old gentleman while getting my ticket from some kind of
vending machine. He got his ticket first, and I then got mine which was
somehow unusual. I then caught the train, but missed my stop and had to get
off at the next stop. Only it wasn't my world at all, but this other place,
very hot and dry. I met these people who had apparently tried to summon help
from another world. I thought something along the lines of "Uh-oh, it's me
they're referring to". I then did some gallivanting around, and met the
mysterious gentlemen and almost got into trouble for bathing in a sacred
pool, and after that incomprehensibly strange.

Also, last night I dreamed that I went into a wood which was bigger on the
inside than the out. It was a beautiful place - more real than I imagine
places when I read - and I came to a hut in the woods. I went back again, or
was going back again, and time didn't pass as normal. I went there in much
the same way as Ann went into the wood in "Hexwood". I haven't read it for
ages, but perhaps reading the discussion of it nudged my subconscious.

Off to bed soon - I'll have to cut down on the cheese sandwiches :)


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