Hexwood -- Catchup

Caleb W SCWoody423 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 16:32:40 EST 2002

It's been a while since I read Hexwood, since I don't have a copy of my own
(although the town library has). It was the first DWJ book I read as far as
I can remember. I was around nine years old, and every day in school we
would spend a few minutes reading (although I also read at playtime given
half a chance). A friend of mine had read "Hexwood" and told me it was
brilliant, so I read it. For a while it was marvellously baffling, but by
the end I kind of knew what was going on. When I re-read it for the first
time relatively recently I found it hard to judge how much of my
understanding what was going on was due to my fairly hazy recollections and
how much was due to my being older
 I don't like to underestimate children though - I tried an old text
adventure a bit ago and got stuck on one of the first puzzles despite having
solved it easily when I first played it. Douglas Adams said something about
Doctor Who along the lines of "Make it complicated enough for the children
to enjoy it, and simple enough for the adults to understand it". DWJ said
"If someone can understand Doctor Who stories they can understand anything".
As a Doctor Who fan, I must digress and say that while I have had little
problem with Doctor Who stories - even the one where the Doctor arrived to
find he had saved the day already, only he had to go back and actually do
it, but it didn't work out and he had to go back again and kept narrowly
avoiding meeting himself - some DWJ, such as the end of F&H, has my head in
a spin.
Did I really begin by talking about "Hexwood"? Sorry for rambling on!

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