Hexwood -- Catchup

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Thu Jan 31 06:11:22 EST 2002

Hallie wrote:
>Sort of on the same point - Vierran's "remembering" in the hotel, and 
>finding the taped message on her bracelet-thing was yet another thing 
>which confused me on this go-round.  If she managed to figure it out 
>the time she taped the message, what was it about that particular 
>(previous) scenario which allowed her to sort it out, while on the 
>one we see, she could only figure it out by the accident of finding 
>the message?  The two scenarios don't quite seem to gel - either 
>she's saved by the gadgetry her father has given her, or she's strong 
>enough to remember  as part of her dealing with the Bannus.

Yes, I've never quite understood this. I think this is the deus ex machina
in Hexwood, and the Wood is only a plot point! OTOH, we don't know that she
wouldn't have remembered for herself that she had been through this before,
given a bit more time- listening to the message made her go into action.
Presumably the previous time she didn't *do* anything excpet record the
message, or everything would have been sorted out that time! But she was
*beginning* to break free, and the message allowed it to really happen the
next time.
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