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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Jan 31 06:01:11 EST 2002

> When Calcifer says to Sophie that the spell she's under has taken 60s
years off her life (or words to that effect), does he just mean that it's
brought her 60 years forward in her life and, therefore, 60 years closer to
her death and that this will >be reversed once the spell is broken? Or that
the spell will have the effect of shortening her life, even when it's

I think her youth restoration restored her life expectancy too.

> And lastly, not to do with Magician's HOuse at all, but just a thougt: is
Will or William a particularly popular name with >fantasy writers?

Maybe! I have *three* Will(iam)s in my book "Night Must Always Come".  (The
name conecting three men from three generations... I wasn't being lazy!) One
is known as "William Ashendon", one as "Will Charing" and the third is
"(William) Thaddeus Ashendon", known as "Tad".


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