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Wed Jan 30 21:55:01 EST 2002

When Calcifer says to Sophie that the spell she's under has taken 60s years off her life (or words to that effect), does he just mean that it's brought her 60 years forward in her life and, therefore, 60 years closer to her death and that this will be reversed once the spell is broken? Or that the spell will have the effect of shortening her life, even when it's broken?

Plus, and this is OT, has anyone read The Magician's HOuse Quartet? I just finished the first book and I found it boring as hell. I wonder if it's just me or ...







... did the book simply serve the purpose of introducing us to the house and Stepehn Tyler? Couldn't that really have been dealth with in two or three chapters?

... was the author using the book and its characters to discuss gender issues and, to a lesser degree, animal rights?

... were none of the characters very likeable at all? Alice is especially annoying -- she's bullheaded, ignorant and has irritating habits.  

And lastly, not to do with Magician's HOuse at all, but just a thougt: is Will or William a particularly popular name with fantasy writers? There's Will in Philip Pullman's Dark Materials Trilogy, Will in Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising series, William is Magician's House, isn't there a Will in Time Of he Ghost too? Just a common name perhaps, or does it exude the right aura for a hero of fantasy books?

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