wobbly knees

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Wed Jan 30 19:37:39 EST 2002

I found this on my regular usenet DWJ search.  It was posted to
rec.arts.sf.composition by Patricia Wrede.  Though it may be of interest to
the list!


>And I, despite having posted (in fits) to this group for several
>years, still feel very much like a newbie, and must confess to being
>rather much in awe of some of the regulars. I probably will feel that
>way until there are a couple of books with my name on the spine, or
>until hell freezes over, whichever happens first.

Oh, you'll still feel that way about *somebody*, no matter how much you have
the shelf.  I went all stuttery and wobbly at the knees when I first met
Wynne Jones, and I had five of my books right there in my hand to prove I
really *had* done stuff.  And I've had even stronger reactions to various
Big Names over the years.  Meeting your childhood heroes is awe-inspiring,
that's all, no matter *how* far you've come in the meantime or *how* sweet
are.  But after a while, you just learn how to fake it.  I've gotten pretty
good at walking on butter-like legs...

Patricia C. Wrede

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