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Kyla Tornheim kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Wed Jan 30 18:16:34 EST 2002

On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> girl".  So I thought it interesting that DWJ set these two 
> descriptions up as strongly contrasting, and then had Polly envying 
> Nina's being fat and "the fat, pink staring look" Nina had without 
> her glasses.
> Maybe there are tons of you out there who WERE extremely pretty 
> little girls, and did desperately envy less attractive ones, and it 
> just seemed unusual to me?
I think the point is that Polly a) is a bit weird and b) doesn't think
much of adults/conventions. It seems like she's sick of everyone saying,
"You're such a pretty little girl!" and trying to pinch her cheek. She
wants to look interesting, which Nina does; maybe she wants to look some
way that won't lead to people patronizing her.

I always pictured Nina's eyes as slightly bulgy in that really fascinating
way. :^)

Also, there's always the appeal of wanting to look how you don't. This is
why there companies that make curling irons and straightening lotions and
potions and hair dye, plus all sorts of other things.

A food is not necessarily essential just because your child hates it.
       --Katharine Whitehorn

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