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Venkarel venkarel.geo at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 13:57:23 EST 2002

--- "Rowland, Jennifer A B"
<jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk> wrote:
> Ven wrote:


> >Melissa asked whether people were supposed to
> forget
> >who they were and why they were there when in the
> >Bannus field. She thought the Bannus may have
> changed
> >the rules. Two things here: Firstly, if the field
> was
> >supposed to make candidates forget, then
> remembering
> >may have been part of the challenge. Secondly that
> the
> >forgetting may have been due to the process by
> which
> >they came inot the field -- without prior
> knowledge.
> >presumably the original candidates would have known
> >what they were up for  == or would they ?!.
> Interesting point, I'd never thought of that. Maybe
> they knew that they
> would be tested, but not how? But then, weren't they
> supposed to be retested
> every few years- so they would certainly know the
> second time. My guess is
> that it could make them forget even then, just
> judging by how completely it
> made even Orm forget what he was doing. But that's a
> guess, and I don't know
> if it *would*- would it work better if they forgot
> why they were there?

I think it would.  I think the Bannus is testing their
characters and capabilities, which is something that
can be seen more clearly when they're not aware
they're being tested.  Because when you know you're
being tested, you're always trying to figure out all
the angles (and even cheat) so that you can pass the


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