Hexwood -- Catchup

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Wed Jan 30 10:13:17 EST 2002

>I think it's mostly a comparison thing in families. Letty, Siri, DWJ's
>sister, are "the pretty ones," therefore Sophie, Vierran, DWJ cannot be at
>all pretty. Faulty logic, definitely, but far too common.

Yes, and it can be the family deciding this (sort of scapegoating) or it can
be an internal voice. I bet <memory for names goes> Sophie's stepmother
never treated her as "the ugly one", because she was quite nice, wasn't she?
 I vaguely remember that identical twins raised together can end up being
more different from each other in some ways than ones raised apart, because
they decide that they will differentiate themselves, which seems like a
similar thing. (And thinking of yourself as no good at something can become
a self-fulfilling prophecy.)
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