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On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Ven wrote about characters not thinking they're

> The explanation of it's turning up in Sophie is, I
> suppose,
> the thing she has about being the eldest sister.
> Flying off at a tangent, Dwj is the eldest of three --
> I wonder if that really did bother her  at one time?!
If you read DWJ's bio on the web site (I think it's there) she talks about
her mother and the things she told DWJ and her two sisters. It's what Time
of the Ghost is based on, which means it's pretty horrible. I believe that
her mother always told her that she wasn't pretty enough for anyone to
ever want to marry her. But she might have also told her that she was
stupid. Argh.

I think it's mostly a comparison thing in families. Letty, Siri, DWJ's
sister, are "the pretty ones," therefore Sophie, Vierran, DWJ cannot be at
all pretty. Faulty logic, definitely, but far too common.

The only aspect of our travels that is interesting to 
others is disaster.
       --Martha Gellman

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