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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Wed Jan 30 05:19:38 EST 2002

Ven wrote:
<lots of snips>
>Jennifer remarked on people in the Bannus field
>getting what they deserved. I sort of see what you
>mean Jennifer, but could expand a bit please.

Well, it was in response to a comparison (by Lizzie?) of the Bannus with the
situation in Homeward Bounders, [spoilers for HB- but only a small one, you
find out about this in the first chapter]

 in that the Bannus and Them both put people into games. My feeling was that
the Them are totally impersonal, they just throw people away, whereas the
Bannus is totally personal- first it chooses the people it is going to test
(or, in the book, punish), then it makes them make their own choices which
then determine what happen to them <gasp for breath>. So inside its
influence people do get what's coming to them- the true hand of Reigners is
recognised, the people who could be reigners but don't shape up get to
leave, and the ones who abused the system get punished in appropriate ways.

>By nudging (thanks, Paul) the Reigners to go to earth as
>it did, the Bannus was able to separate them into bite
>sized chunks the easier to put them under it's

Hehehe, I like the image. 

>Melissa asked whether people were supposed to forget
>who they were and why they were there when in the
>Bannus field. She thought the Bannus may have changed
>the rules. Two things here: Firstly, if the field was
>supposed to make candidates forget, then remembering
>may have been part of the challenge. Secondly that the
>forgetting may have been due to the process by which
>they came inot the field -- without prior knowledge.
>presumably the original candidates would have known
>what they were up for  == or would they ?!.

Interesting point, I'd never thought of that. Maybe they knew that they
would be tested, but not how? But then, weren't they supposed to be retested
every few years- so they would certainly know the second time. My guess is
that it could make them forget even then, just judging by how completely it
made even Orm forget what he was doing. But that's a guess, and I don't know
if it *would*- would it work better if they forgot why they were there?

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