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Now that I have my ISP sorted my computer has begun to
misbehave, however I am going to do my best to catch

Such a lot has been said about Hexwood, and of such
quality too!  I'm replying from notes, so I apologise
in advance for any misquotes or misattributions. 

Catherine compared Vieirran's low opinion of her looks
with Sophie's. It's true of Deep Secret's Marie as
well. It seems to me that this sort of attitude is
endemic in western society, especially among women.
The explanation of it's turning up in Sophie is, I
the thing she has about being the eldest sister.
Flying off at a tangent, Dwj is the eldest of three --
I wonder if that really did bother her  at one time?!

In common with quite a few people I did
find Ann more convincing as the "real" Ann/Vierran. I
can't remember if anyone remarked on how much of
hereself Vierran has been forced to keep hidden,
sharing her real self only with her voices and,
occasionally, with Mordion. And I find that thinking
abou that has kind of firmed Vierrran up for me.

Jennifer remarked on people in the Bannus field
getting what they deserved. I sort of see what you
mean Jennifer, but could expand a bit please.

On the extent of the Bannus'  field: I liked the idea
of the flint causeways being the way the Bannus could
go down the communication lines from earth. Melissa is
right (naturally*) about the whole book being  under
the influence of the Bannus field. This reminded me of
what I said before Christmas aboout Dwj acting like
the Bannus in the way she wrote the book -- she would
have had to, basically. My own picture of how the
Bannus field spread represents it as a spider -- the
body covering earth and the legs spindling up the
communication lines to the Reigner's world. Thus I
thought it would want to get everyone to earth in
order for them to be in the core area of it's
influence. Thanks to all of you I can now see there
was more to it. As Paul said, it could have put the
Reigners into
another environment at any time it wanted (pause to
regroup scattered thoughts after computer crash) but I
think there would have been too many variables and the
opportuniities for any reigner who twigged what was
going on to escape, by cutting off communications,
would have been too great. Jennifer commented that it
needed the wood and martellian was already there. By
nudging (thanks, Paul) the Reigners to go to earth as
it did, the Bannus was able to separate them into bite
sized chunks the easier to put them under it's

The discussion about half life reigners is fascinating
- more please.

Melissa asked whether people were supposed to forget
who they were and why they were there when in the
Bannus field. She thought the Bannus may have changed
the rules. Two things here: Firstly, if the field was
supposed to make candidates forget, then remembering
may have been part of the challenge. Secondly that the
forgetting may have been due to the process by which
they came inot the field -- without prior knowledge.
presumably the original candidates would have known
what they were up for  == or would they ?!.

Finally I was interested in what Christian and Hallie
had to say about the Bannus. Hallie was beginning to
find it sinister and Christian says it must be
fallible in order for the candidates to get the better
of it. I recently came across soem criticism of Dwj's
use of Dei ex machinae (I know that plural is wrong, I
failed latin, OK). it's true that they do crop up
quite a bit, yet, like the Bannus, they are never
quite perfect. They are fallible, sometimes a bit
disturbing, and don't quite have all the answers. In
quite a few cases they are under some kind of duress
and in need of rescue, like whatsisname  in the
Homeward Bounders or Anthony Green in his mound (Black
Maria). It seems to me that this defuses this
particular criticism.

I'm so glad to have been able to join in at last!


* For newcomers, that Melissa is always right is a
list legend that predates my joining!

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