Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Jan 28 13:48:38 EST 2002

Sorry for not replying sooner, to Melissa and Jennifer.  Hexwood was 
making my head swim before a cold and sleep-deprivation made it way 
too much to deal with.

>Hallie wrote:
>>Right, so if somehow Reigners have the power to do *something* to other
>>reigners which results in both the statuey things and the Bannus, leaving
>>the Bannus with some sort of super reigner-power and the statues with none?
>>No, I really do not get this at all now.
>>I can't find the post now, but I also agree with the comment that the
>>is really quite sinister.  Though that wasn't my reaction on the readings
>>*before* this discussion one.
>I suspect that this is another thing that Orm has perverted; I bet the
>Reigners *agreed* to be made into the Bannus and I bet the half-alive
>statues didn't agree, and Orm probably hurt them to do it. (I think the
>people made into statues were previous Servants).

Well, as both Melissa and Jennifer came up with this idea, it's got a 
lot going for it, and beats my alternative, which is nothing.  But it 
still doesn't feel right to me.  All I can add is that Orm says the 
Bannus was created using half-life technology he'd give his ears to 
be able to get hold of, or words to that effect.

>Possibly there being
>several riegners in the bannus made a difference- they got synergy?
>Without thinking about it much, my assumption while I was reading was that
>the bannus started off mechanical and the reigners' minds were put into it
>and it *came* half-alive, whereas the statues started as people and were
>"half-killed"; but this could well be wrong; maybe Orm put people's minds
>into statues and that made them half-alive. If so, I suspect he only put
>enough for them to work, or (nastier and more Orm-like) he sealed up their
>minds so they could still think but not do anything; as he does to Mordion
>during his training but more extreme. (That would explain the bit where the
>statues become agitated better, actually.) Perhaps the Bannus was a powerful
>computer to start with and gave the minds more "room"?

I see what you mean, at least.

>This discussion has made me less unquestioning of the Bannus, but I think
>although it *could* be sinister, I don't find this one to be so. Just
>cranky. (The thought of a Bannus with the Orm's Hand of Reigners inside it
>gives me the creeps.)

I have a fairly split mind on this now.  My feeling about the Bannus 
before was that it was mostly benign, in a slightly comic, albeit 
very powerful sort of way.  And I still have that reaction to it, but 
also a far more worried one.  I guess one thing which really struck 
me was in the end, where the Bannus said that it was afraid Hume's 
personality had been warped irreparably.  All I could think was that 
the Bannus should have been a bit more worried about its own 
warpedness, especially given the amount of power it still had. 
Mordion's shouldn't need to store up the knowledge of how Orm had 
cheated the Bannus.

Ha.  Just had a very bizarre thought, which was that it all seemed 
like the US political system, set up with it's checks and *balances* 
- but maybe the third element is needed to help it work, and the two 
opposing forces, the Bannus and the Reigners, should NOT be thinking 
so much at the outset of how to cheat each other.


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