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Ven vendersleighc at
Fri Jan 25 21:50:55 EST 2002

Jennifer wrote 
> Ven wrote:
> >I ordered the two Megan Whalen Turner books today 
> >and also Diplomatic Immunity -- LMB -- when it
comes out in April, yay.
> >
> Are you getting it shipped from America or is it
coming out here, too? 

Shipped. because US books are cheaper than UK books
the prices for hardbacks and paperbacks come out
around the same as for similar UK published books,
so there's no reason to wait. I order through my
local speciality bookshop but the big ones will do it

> know Curse of Chalion isn't out here till the summer
and won't be in
> paperback till next year (ooh, the agony). {fx:
Unworthy gloating that
> DWJ is British so we don't have the ghastly wait for
her stuff.} 

Waiting for books IS hell. Anyone know when the next
Dwj is due?

Yay! I'm back on line at last. This will teach me to
read mail from my ISP properly.

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