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> The spoilers are actually for a point in the book
> that _I_ haven't reached
> yet, so, maybe I should avert my face whil I type...
> s
> p
> o
> i
> l
> er
> l
> a
> l
> a
> l
> a
> l
> a
> SPOILER STARTS HERE: Ros said: "and
> has a lovely romance to boot (which flowers in the
> second volume)" I've
> heard that Rhapsody ends up with _Ashe_ (Not that I
> would have anyway of
> knowing this, as I;'ve just hit the first sentence
> where Ashe's name is
> mentioned), and maybe it's just the influence of
> three Achmed-lovers
> before I even read the book, but it makes me very
> mad.  I _like_ Achmed;
> is such a perfect romance setup.  

I like Achmed.  I don't like Rhapsody.  So those two
should never be together in my mind.  (They are such
total opposites that I can't really see any meeting
ground.  Achmed is Mr. Practical.  Rhapsody is
idealistic, moral, and a near-saint when it comes to
kids.  I would think that she'd drive him batty.)  I
liked the first two books, but the third one
disappointed me.  I just kept disliking Rhapsody more
and more as the series progressed, and since she's the
star, it made reading drag a bit.  

The books are rather fun to read.  I like the banter
and there are some laugh-out-loud funny scenes such as
Rhapsody's first meeting with Ashe.  But there are
also many scenes that I was uncomfortable with, some
because of their graphic nature, and some because I
simply cannot identify with Rhapsody.

obDWJ: When I was reading the Dalemark series, I was a
bit reminded of _Rhapsody_ because of the time
displacement in _The Crown of Dalemark_


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