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Rebecca Ganetzky Rebecca.Ganetzky at
Thu Jan 24 21:54:17 EST 2002

Agh!  Speak no more of the cover with the woman and the horse, Venkarel!
'Tis hideous beyond belief...'though I'm rather fond of /my/ copy of it,
because after looking for it for (count them) 9 years (which was well more
than half my life at that time) I found it in a used book store for 1.50
(US dollars)...and next to it a copy of the Magic Quest edition of
Magicians of Caprona (back when it was still out of print in Europe, too)
for 2.75.
It's actually a great bookstore,prices have inflated a little bit, but
the woman who owns it will discuss books
with you for hours and doesn't mind if you browse and don't buy anything
(I think -- I've never managed yo get out of the store without buying
something). And though she will always buy the best books before they hit
the shelf, she will also sell them back!   Which reminds me -- I just
bought the Magic Quest edition of Perilous Gard for 4.50 (the bookstore
owner had just sold it back to the store)  Happiness and Joy!!!!!
Also Book Rec: Haydon's _Rhapsody_ -- an Epic Fantasy (which I usually
hate).  In my opinion quite good.  There are cliches, but overall I'm
finding well written with a number of creative ideas and it's not slow at
all! Even working over 40 hours a week, I have read over 500 pages of it
in 5 days!  Yay!

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