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Venkarel venkarel.geo at
Thu Jan 24 18:33:12 EST 2002

--- Caleb <SCWoody423 at> wrote:
> I was chuffed to find that my local Red Cross Shop
> had had an influx of
> fantasy books, among them "Cart and Cwidder" (which
> I've borrowed from the
> library to read once before) and "Wilkins' Tooth"
> (which I haven't read yet)
> for 40p each. 

Lucky.  I haven't seen a DWJ book for sale 
(secondhand) since I picked up The Eight Days of Luke
and Fire and Hemlock *years* ago.  I'm very grateful
to have picked up F&H.  It was my first DWJ.  I adore
the cover with the lady on the horse and want to find
another copy of the same edition.  

> PS I do feel slightly guilty at not supporting DWJ,
> though. In fact, I've
> read most of her books through libraries.

You're not the only one.  And of the three DWJ books I
own, none of them were bought new.  But I have several
books on my wishlist, which I will probably order from
the UK since some of them are still out of print in
the US.

I recently turned a friend onto DWJ.  She bought the
first Chrestomanci duo (Charmed Life and Lives of
Christopher Chant) and liked it.  She didn't like the
second compilation because she didn't care about any
of the characters.  I've recommended Howl's Moving
Castle, but does anyone have other recommendations?

There's a new book on to be published in
October 2002.  It's called "Diana Wynne Jones : An
Exciting and Exacting Wisdom (Studies in Children's
Literature, 1)" by Teya Rosenberg (Editor).  Publisher
is Peter Lang Publishing.  ISBN: 082045687X   And
that's all the information they had.  


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