My latest DWJ books...

Caleb SCWoody423 at
Thu Jan 24 13:44:05 EST 2002

I was chuffed to find that my local Red Cross Shop had had an influx of
fantasy books, among them "Cart and Cwidder" (which I've borrowed from the
library to read once before) and "Wilkins' Tooth" (which I haven't read yet)
for 40p each. Quite old editions, but better than paying £6.99 for a
Dalemark book, which I did for "The Spellcoats" in the New Year.
I've started on "Wilkins' Tooth" and it seems promising, if a little dated.
More of a children's book too, methinks.

Caleb W.

PS I do feel slightly guilty at not supporting DWJ, though. In fact, I've
read most of her books through libraries.

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