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Thu Jan 24 06:30:49 EST 2002

> [Several people dislike Huff's Sing The Four Quarters"]
> Ros wrote:
> >I'm going to have to be a renegade again and say that, contrary to quite
> >few people on the list, I really, really liked _Sing the Four Quarters_
> >completely forgot to say this in my list!). What did I like about it? The
> >characters, the way they are *naturally* bisexual, without any
> >or fuss; the world it's set in with its magical system--I found the whole
> >thing quite charming. I enjoyed the others in the series, too, though I
> >found numbers two and three in the series a bit less enjoyable than the
> >third and last. But the second and third contained that delicious idea of
> >two souls inhabiting the same body (or something along those lines--my
> >memory is a bit unclear about it).

Jennifer wrote:

> I liked it as well; I didn't pipe up when people were saying they didn't
> becaue I read the series a fair while ago, and I have found a lot of my
> likes and dislikes have changed, so I wanted to reread them. I think the
> first was my favourite- I very much liked the world and society all of
> were set in, but I liked the main character of the first book, and her
> relationships with her co-protagonists, better than the other ones. STFQ
> the first Huff I read, so I didn't have the experience (which I think a
> couple of people mentioned) of expectations based on her other series. I'd
> say these are worth a try.

I enjoyed _Summon the Keeper_, but didn't enjoy the first _Blood_ book as
much as most people seem to have, so I also didn't have to many
expectations...Glad you enjoyed them, too.


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