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Tue Jan 22 10:54:05 EST 2002

Hallie wrote:
>Right, so if somehow Reigners have the power to do *something* to other
>reigners which results in both the statuey things and the Bannus, leaving
>the Bannus with some sort of super reigner-power and the statues with none?
>No, I really do not get this at all now.

>I can't find the post now, but I also agree with the comment that the
>is really quite sinister.  Though that wasn't my reaction on the readings
>*before* this discussion one.

I suspect that this is another thing that Orm has perverted; I bet the
Reigners *agreed* to be made into the Bannus and I bet the half-alive
statues didn't agree, and Orm probably hurt them to do it. (I think the
people made into statues were previous Servants). Possibly there being
several riegners in the bannus made a difference- they got synergy? 
Without thinking about it much, my assumption while I was reading was that
the bannus started off mechanical and the reigners' minds were put into it
and it *came* half-alive, whereas the statues started as people and were
"half-killed"; but this could well be wrong; maybe Orm put people's minds
into statues and that made them half-alive. If so, I suspect he only put
enough for them to work, or (nastier and more Orm-like) he sealed up their
minds so they could still think but not do anything; as he does to Mordion
during his training but more extreme. (That would explain the bit where the
statues become agitated better, actually.) Perhaps the Bannus was a powerful
computer to start with and gave the minds more "room"? 

This discussion has made me less unquestioning of the Bannus, but I think
although it *could* be sinister, I don't find this one to be so. Just
cranky. (The thought of a Bannus with the Orm's Hand of Reigners inside it
gives me the creeps.)
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