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>--- Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at Proffitt.com> wrote:
>>  On Sat, 19 Jan 2002 04:24:12 -0800 (PST), The
>  > Venkarel wrote:

>  > >BTW, what does it mean to be half-lifed?
>>  Wasn't that in reference to the creatures that
>>  served the Reigners, the ones
>>  that were failed Servants or something?  I'm
>>  remembering the part where
>>  Reigner One starts telling the other Reigners about
>>  the Reigner rebels being
>>  stashed on Earth, and there are the
>>  two...things...that get very excited and
>>  one of the other Reigners puts them to death.  I
>>  picture something like
>>  people who've been modified until they have human
>>  awareness but mostly
>>  inanimate form--or something like that.  Or like
>>  that Door thing in
>>  ElfQuest, if you've ever read that.
>Sorry, not familiar with ElfQuest.  The reason I ask
>is because the Bannus is made of half-lifed Reigners,
>I think.  Which is one reason why it is so vengeful
>after Orm circumvented the system.  And why it has so
>much power. I feel that Orm perverted a lot of things
>when he took over--like using half-life-ing to turn
>those failed servants into statues.  There must have
>been a respectable use for half-life-ing before.

It's funny, the same thing popped out at me on this reread, and it's sort
of been niggling ever since.  If the two statues are half-lifed (lived?)
in the same way the Bannus is made of half-lived Reigners, then I'm even
more confused.  I think part of my problem is the scientific term, 
which has nothing whatever to do with anything, but it does get in my 
mental vision and
cloud things up a bit (more!).

Right, so if somehow Reigners have the power to do *something* to other
reigners which results in both the statuey things and the Bannus, leaving
the Bannus with some sort of super reigner-power and the statues with none?
No, I really do not get this at all now.

I can't find the post now, but I also agree with the comment that the Bannus
is really quite sinister.  Though that wasn't my reaction on the readings
*before* this discussion one.


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