Eurobarometer survey on young people

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Jan 21 06:27:52 EST 2002

> Would you think so? Although obviously it's easier to watch television or
> listen to music in company than to read together, I wd have thought the
> activities mostly become social by discussing them with other people
later -
> wch one can do equally with books (cf this list!) as with music & tele.
> music and television only necessarily become social if one choose to talk
> about them.

Not in our household. If we're sitting listening to music or watching TV, we
comment about the programme (or music) while watching/listening... very much
a social thing. In fact, I almost never do either when I'm alone, because
there's that sharing dimension missing.  OTOH, I much prefer to read when
alone, as I'm aware, in one corner of my mind, that I'm "opting out" of
family/couple life while reading. Writing is ditto - I'd *much* rather do
that alone, too.


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