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>>From: "Rowland, Jennifer A B"
>>Aha. I knew the scenes replayed, but I hadn't thought of it quite like 
>>Makes sense that they only remember the choice that lets them move on. What
>>about Ann-in-the-wood, though, remembering lots of times with Mordion and
>>Hume at different ages, which she forgets as Ann-out-of-the-wood and only
>>remembers a few visits? Does that matter?
>i think it has something to do with a mixture of cleverness and repetition. 
>her memories are covered up by the bannus, but the more it happens, the 
>harder it is to ignore. kind of like how polly remembers the events from 
>fire and hemlock once something jogs her memory. i think the bannus either 
>isn't able to entirely control people or slacks off a bit to give them an in 
>-- after all, they're supposed to be able to get the best of it, or new 
>reigners could never be picked.

I think it's because Vierran's mind magic ability is, according to Mordion,
very strong.  Everyone else seems to completely forget who they really are
until the "game" is over.  Mordion remembers the truth, but that's because
he can't break his conditioning unless he does, so I think that's part of
the Bannus's program as well.  Also, the Bannus is able to control only so
much; it can't fundamentally change people's personalities.  Hence Vierran's
curiosity about whether her cousin Siri really is as bubble-headed, deep
down, as her Sylvia personality implies.

I also get the feeling that the people in the castle are more on hold than
repeating things, waiting for the people in the forest to be ready.  So they
might not have as many duplicate experiences building up, and aren't as
likely to notice the manipulation.

Melissa Proffitt

Melissa Proffitt
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