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Mon Jan 21 07:36:05 EST 2002

Paul wrote:

>Every scene in the wood, up until Mordion and Hume set out for the
>castle, happens multiple times; we only get to see the last one of
>each, the one the Bannus decides to stick with and to let people
>remember. So everybody who arrives at the Farm probably does so
>several times, until the Bannus has them where it wants them.

Aha. I knew the scenes replayed, but I hadn't thought of it quite like this.
Makes sense that they only remember the choice that lets them move on. What
about Ann-in-the-wood, though, remembering lots of times with Mordion and
Hume at different ages, which she forgets as Ann-out-of-the-wood and only
remembers a few visits? Does that matter?

>The question "is it that everything we're reading only happens once
>everyone was captured by the Bannus field?" probably isn't a useful
>one; the Reigners were probably all in the Bannus field before they
>left the homeworld.

Because of the causeways being Earth flint? I'd never thought of this. Is it
necessary that they are in the field on the homeworld for the Bannus's plan
to work, or could it make them all come to Earth by causing trouble there
without already having them under control, the way it looks like? And why
does it wait till Mordion is on Earth to start breaking his conditioning?
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