Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Mon Jan 21 07:29:01 EST 2002

>Daphne Lee wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me why Ann is ill when we first meet her?

>The best explanation I've come up with is that when she's bedridden
>she has nothing better to do than watch everybody arrive at the Farm.

>Being ill may also make her more susceptible to/less likely to notice
>the Bannus going "Okay, now it's three days later than it was two
minutes ago" and so on 

I liked the idea that it was because of her despair. I think I always
thought it had something to do with how she suddenly feels hugely better and
charges off into the Wood- like the Bannus has cured her of something? Or
that feeling wonderful makes her more accepting of the strangeness of it all
than if the bunnus had let her stay feeling as she did when she got to

I liked Lizzie's question in a post last week about the differences in
playing games with people in Hexwood and Homeward Bounders. It's clearly
much more forgiveable in Hexwood, and I think that's because the Bannus is
not impersonal about it- the people coming into its field literally get what
they deserve. (And it is temporary.)
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