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> I've just been browsing the DWJ website and came across Meredith's article
> on green ways (on ). I
> thought I'd add my tuppence's worth.
> I don't buy the deer connection; the Slavic word "elen" for a deer, or stag,
> should be transliterated "yelen", in Cyrillic alphabet the initial letter
> looks like E, but the sound is "ye"(cf. Boris YEltsin: same initial letter).
> But - quite coincidentally and spookily - the aforementioned Helen House was
> by Stag's Head crossroads (named after a now defunct pub, I'm told), and
> even more improbably, sarna is Polish for a female deer. Bizarre.

Sorry to be so long replying to this - I'm always weeks behind on my emails,
which is why I play so little part on the list. Your bizarre coincidence is
what is always happening to DWJ and also now her readers, I think. In fact,
that's why I wrote the article - I had just re-read The Crown of Dalemark
when my friend started talking about his green roads, so all I could think
about was the similarity with Mitt's green ways.

Also, I love spotting parts of the countryside which remind me of DWJ books.
Has anyone else been to Lindisfarne, the Holy Island? It's got a long, wide,
tidal causeway and a town/village on top of the hill looking down on the
causeway, and I am convinced this is the centre of the Holy Islands of

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