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>> > Well, in case you didn't know, spoilers for
>> Hexwood below. 
>> Do we need a spoiler space, do you think?
>> The question "is it that everything we're reading
>> only happens once
>> everyone was captured by the Bannus field?" probably
>> isn't a useful
>> one; the Reigners were probably all in the Bannus
>> field before they
>> left the homeworld.
>I hadn't thought the Bannus field had extended that
>far. I accept that it had gone past Hexwood farm, but
>not that it covered the entire Earth and beyond.
>The Bannus itself is rather scary--like one of those
>computers with artificial intelligence that decides it
>should now be in charge.  I don't have the book with
>me, but I remember how it was very angry, if that's
>the word, at how Orm had cheated the Reigner system
>and had spent the last thousand(?) years  coming up
>with hundreds of scenarios that all ended with Orm's

At the end, when the Bannus confronts Orm Pender, he tells Orm that in
revenge for the way he cheated and got an extra thousand years as Reigner
One, he waited and plotted until he could get revenge.  Then he spread his
field through the communication lines all the way to the House of Balance.
Every one of his (its?) plans of action was designed to end in Reigner One's
death.  Right up until I read this part, I assumed that the Bannus's field
having extended farther than anyone knew just meant that it went as far as
the hotel Reigners One and Three were at.  But what it really means is that
the ENTIRE BOOK takes place within the Bannus's field.  I think the first
chapter, with the message from Hexwood about the Bannus having been
activated, might be the only one until the end that isn't influenced by the
Bannus field.

The second chapter has a lot of clues as to how the story works; Yam tells
Hume that the Wood is like human memory; it doesn't need to take things in
their correct order for them to make sense.  Of course you have to have all
the events to make sense of them, though....

>BTW, what does it mean to be half-lifed?

Wasn't that in reference to the creatures that served the Reigners, the ones
that were failed Servants or something?  I'm remembering the part where
Reigner One starts telling the other Reigners about the Reigner rebels being
stashed on Earth, and there are the two...things...that get very excited and
one of the other Reigners puts them to death.  I picture something like
people who've been modified until they have human awareness but mostly
inanimate form--or something like that.  Or like that Door thing in
ElfQuest, if you've ever read that.

Melissa Proffitt
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