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Fri Jan 18 19:53:10 EST 2002

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, The Venkarel wrote:

> Well, in case you didn't know, spoilers for Hexwood below. 

Do we need a spoiler space, do you think?

> Now *I'm* confused.  Vierran and the remaining Reigners (and the
> anti-Reigner faction) show up only after the other Reigners and
> operatives had been captured by the Bannus field.  So how was Ann
> able to observe all the comings and goings at the farm and to
> interact with Hume and Mordion?  Is it that everything we're reading
> only happens once everyone was captured by the Bannus field, and
> since it's continually changing the scenarios and messing with
> people's minds, we're only getting the idea that time is
> topsy-turvy?

Every scene in the wood, up until Mordion and Hume set out for the
castle, happens multiple times; we only get to see the last one of
each, the one the Bannus decides to stick with and to let people
remember. So everybody who arrives at the Farm probably does so
several times, until the Bannus has them where it wants them.

The question "is it that everything we're reading only happens once
everyone was captured by the Bannus field?" probably isn't a useful
one; the Reigners were probably all in the Bannus field before they
left the homeworld.

> And every time Ann leaves the Bannus field, she only *thinks* she's
> leaving? 

That's right.

> Though then, you have to wonder what is blocking out the voices of
> the King, Slave, Prisoner, and Boy. Maybe that's just the Wood
> itself.

That's what the Bannus says at the end. There's something inherent in
the Wood - I can't quite remember what - that stops the Voices being
able to communicate.

> Was anyone else entertained that the costumes come from Oxfam and
> Salvation Army ^_^

Yep.  :)

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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